A new audio fiction premiering on January 31st 2024. Historic Fiction | Fantasy

This series takes you on a ride into the land of the dead, traveling with the Ferryman as he collects America’s most illustrious spirits and delivers them to the hereafter. The price of their passage? Their story. 

Built on a foundation of historical relevance and structured by a kind of dream logic, THE PASSAGE is an immersive audio experience that invites listeners to explore the collective American psyche from the perspective of its most legendary figures. Here we are guided by the Ferryman of souls– with a voice that sounds like it’s been siphoned from a lake of bourbon and fire, and resonating with the depth and gravitas of Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Walking Dead). The Passage is penned by a brilliant and diverse pool of writers and performed by an unforgettable cast, each episode of this anthology promises a new tale of American odyssey, from madness and monsters to conviction and courage. Each passenger tells their own extraordinary and often terrifying tale to influence the Ferryman’s final destination— be it a comfortable place of eternal light, a haunted purgatory of regret, or one of the nine rings of hell.  
*Headphones are recommended.


Series Premiere. 

July 14, 1881. Fort Sumner, New Mexico Territory. In the inaugural episode of The Passage, the Ferryman of souls, voiced by Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Walking Dead), encounters a spirit as wild and untamed as the land he once roamed. Billy The Kid, voiced by Scott Haze (Child of God / Jurassic World Dominion), the most notorious outlaw of the American West, mounts his own spectral horse for his journey to what comes next. His eyes are tired but still burn with the fire of youth and rebellion.

Billy’s tale begins in the dusty, sun-scorched plains of a nation finding its footing. America, in its own adolescence, is a land of unyielding contradictions—of sprawling beauty and brutal violence, of lofty ideals and base desires. It is within this crucible that Billy’s story unfolds, a narrative etched into the very fabric of the American mythos.

As the Ferryman guides Billy along, he recounts his life, a journey marked by abandonment and blazing guns; fleeting loyalties, and a relentless pursuit by the forces of law and order. Through his eyes, listeners are transported to a time where justice is a precarious, often elusive ideal, and power is seized by those bold enough to claim it.

Was Billy the Kid a hero, a defender of the downtrodden, fighting against the corrupt and powerful elites that sought to tame the wild spirit of the West? Or was he a villain, a bloodthirsty outlaw emblematic of the lawlessness and moral decay that threatened to consume the frontier?

As they ride through the mists of time and truth, the Ferryman listens, and Billy’s story, like the man himself, is a paradox—a tapestry of courage and cruelty, freedom and fate, woven into the tumultuous tapestry of a nation coming of age.

In this episode of The Passage, listeners will be compelled to confront these questions, to gaze into the abyss of America’s soul and ponder the legacy of one of its most enigmatic figures. Join us for a journey into the heart of darkness and light, where history and legend collide, and the truth is as elusive as a ghost on the horizon. Written by Dan Bush and Nicholas Tecosky.


August 6, 1938. The Mississippi Delta. The Badlands… In this hauntingly melodic episode of The Passage, the Ferryman, voiced by the enigmatic Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Walking Dead), finds himself aboard a steam engine train, its whistle echoing through the twilight of the afterlife. As the train slows to a halt, a figure steps into the dim light, guitar in hand, a shadowy silhouette against the misty backdrop—Robert Johnson, voiced by Tristan Mack Wilds (The Wire / Red Tails), the legendary bluesman whose music was said to be born at the crossroads of despair and genius.

There’s not much left of Robert Johnson on Earth, just a handful of records and a legacy shrouded in mystery. But here, in the liminal space between worlds, his story unfolds, a tale as haunting as his music. The Ferryman listens to his presence a silent invitation for the soul of the blues to sing its truth.

Johnson’s life was a symphony of sorrow and longing, his music the voice of a nation’s grief, suffering, and aching need to belong. He speaks of rejecting the life of a working man for the existence of a wandering spirit, a choice that led him down a path lined with loss and lament. The tragic death of his wife while he was away haunts his melodies, a reminder of the price paid for the life he chose.

As the train chugs through the ethereal landscape, the conversation turns to the legend that has immortalized Johnson—the tale of selling his soul to the devil at a dusty Mississippi crossroads in exchange for unrivaled mastery of the blues. The Ferryman, a collector of stories, is intrigued. Is this myth the key to Johnson’s otherworldly talent, or merely a metaphor for the sacrifices and dark bargains made in the pursuit of greatness?

But Robert Johnson has a proposition of his own, a final tune to play in this twilight journey. His fingers dance on the strings, the notes a whisper of light and shadow. What does a man who’s already gambled with the devil offer to the Ferryman of souls?

This episode of The Passage delves into the depths of the human spirit, where pain and artistry intertwine, and the crossroads represent the eternal choices that define us. Join us as we ride the rails of fate with Robert Johnson, his life a testament to the power of music to capture the heart of a nation’s soul. Written by Steven Williams.