To reserve items, browse our inventory, create a wish list on our website, add items to your wish list, click “Send” to send us with the quantity and date of your event. Once we have received your booking request and confirmed the availability of your requested items, we will send you our customer contract and electronic invoice by e-mail. We accept Visa and Mastercard by PayPal and wire transfers. If the items requested in your order are not available, we will notify you. If the event space is not ready or accessible at the specified confirmed delivery time or if an event exceeds the confirmed pickup period; Since rental items are not available/accessible for pickup, the credit card on file will be charged $50 for each additional 15-minute wait. Unique Chic Vintage Rentals accepts PayPal, personal checks, all major credit cards, money orders and bank checks to reserve and fill the balance of your rental offer. Please understand that if your event is cancelled for any reason, the reservation that guarantees your preferred rental items is non-refundable. Before 60 days after a scheduled rental reservation date, a customer may cancel their rental reservation agreement and not be responsible for the remaining balance. Payment for the rental reservation is non-refundable at any time. Cancellations for any reason after 60 days prior to a customer`s event date will require full payment of the balance despite the cancellation of your event.

This rental agreement or “contract” governs your customer relationship with Bella Wedding Rentals, also known as “we”, “us” or “BWR”. By accepting it electronically or otherwise, you or the “Customer” agree to rent the equipment set forth in the separate contractual invoice that we will provide to you in accordance with the terms of this document and the terms of this Agreement, including: A wedding RSVP form with information about participating guests. Wedding rsVP forms include attendance status, mailing address, total number of participating guests, and guest contact information. The RSVP wedding form also contains information about wedding menu options for adults and children. You can even suggest a song to play at the wedding with the help of this wedding RSVP form! In the event of termination under this sub-clause [1.3], UniqueLy Chic Vintage Rentals shall comply with the sub-clause [Termination Provisions] and the Customer shall pay to the Supplier an amount calculated and certified in accordance with the defined lump sum damages, such as.B., but not limited to; Contract review(s), staffing services, rescheduling costs, assignment of delivery, installation and pick-up staff, booking fees for the truck rental(s), preparation and packaging costs, travel expenses, fuel increases, billable hours. If rental items are not available for collection on time confirmed in the rental reservation agreement and Unique Chic Vintage Rentals is scheduled to return the next day, a return fee of $150 will be charged on the card. The customer will also be charged $5 per mile from the Unique Chic Vintage Rentals warehouse to the location and miles from the place of return to our warehouse. If you want to realize someone`s dream wedding, you can use this template for a wedding lease..