The stated arrival time is referred to as “call” or “call time.” All Agency employees will make every effort to arrive earlier than the call time, so the time must be indicated on the order form. If employees arrive too late through their own action, negligence or both, the client is responsible only for actual hours of staff work. Acts of God, such as fires, floods and other natural disasters or situations of force majeure such as riots, military actions, crime investigations, etc., are not considered the fault of staff and are excluded from this agreement. This master service contract, referred to as “agreement” or “agreement,” is referred to between Party Waiters LLC, referred to as “Agency,” “we,” “our” or “we,” and the invoiced portion, as it appears on the invoice, as “customer,” “you or “you.” All employees of the agency hired by the client are referred to as “employees” and the collective tasks and services they provide to the client are called “services” or simply “services.” In common, the client and the Agency determine and agree that the rewards are always extra and are never considered part of the total services provided by the Agency. There are no exceptions. Customers must pass a contract of five hours or more to book an event. Employees leave the customer`s event on the date indicated on the purchase order or in all modified order forms agreed after the initial order form. If the client needs the staff for a longer period, limited to a maximum of one additional hour, the customer must pay the overtime rate. The agency promises to protect the privacy of its customers. All information collected by the Agency is used exclusively to help the Agency provide its customers with the best possible service, including prompt processing of all orders.

When a client agrees to use the Agency`s services, the client agrees that the Agency may collect and use the information provided by that client in accordance with the Agency`s privacy policy, which is on the Agency`s website. Privacy policies can absolutely be changed and it is up to the client to regularly check for changes to the privacy policy. The authorization granted in this agreement guarantees the right, but not the obligation for the Agency to take these photos and videos. Under this agreement, the Agency, its mandated employees and others, photographers, contracting entities, clients, independent contractors and other representatives, are granted the absolute right to use or post photos or videos taken during the event. This applies to social media messages, advertising, both on television and in print, in online marketing or for other legitimate purposes. Acceptance of this agreement by signing prevents the Agency from obtaining the client`s consent or consent before conducting such exposures.