These are strong contracts that include salary increases for all, no increases at Jackson First and very affordable premiums for other insurance plans over the life of the contract and a multitude of contract improvements. The financial gains are remarkable, especially considering that the county offers no cost for adaptation to living standards or (COLA). Despite this challenge, your negotiating team has managed to secure wage increases in three ways: market adjustments ranging from 3 to 2 digits for some professional classes, additional steps at the top for other job classes, or a 2% adjustment at the base for all other occupational categories that do not get market adjustment or steps at the top. The 291 employees who missed two stages during the recession, who were hired before 2010 and who remained in the same job classification, are being caught up. Nurse rates per day will increase to $37 per hour, which will be paid retroactively as of October 1, 2106. We have also saved time and half for professional day care that works on vacation — such as the RNs. The fee will be increased to $2.50 per hour and a new bonus salary of $5 per hour for emerging nurses` occupancy periods, as defined by management, will be implemented during ratification. These are just some of the reasons why this contract is good for you and your family. For more information, see the summary below or see the full contract on our website.

Thank you to our negotiating team for all their hard work to make sure we got a contract that was the best for our membership! New contract books will be available soon. AFSCME is the union that honours solidarity without conformity and transforms the history of each member into a force of experience and commitment that cannot be ignored. This is how we make a better life for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. For those proudly dedicated to the public service, we have never stopped. American communities never rest. Jackson Memorial doesn`t walk alone. Families need care in clean, safe and well-managed institutions. That`s why people who work in public service at the Jackson Memorial never stop. It`s not just a job. It`s a vocation. Work is important because it means something to make a community better. As a union, we are working to build public and political support for the vital services we provide at the Jackson Memorial, those that protect our families and make our communities strong.

AFSCME believes that anyone who is involved in maintaining their community deserves respect. As part of the AFL-CIO, AFSCME is one of the main advocates for working women and men. Our 1.6 million members provide the vital services that America provides, and we believe that everyone deserves a chance to realize the American dream. Here in Florida, we are proud to be excited with AFSCME Florida. Your treaty has been ratified! All three contracts have been approved by our members, the Public Health Trust and the Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners. Click on the following links to view the full contract. Higher salaries, as usual, were ranked as a prominent topic among the members who completed the survey. The negotiating team has made this topic a priority and has found creative ways to put more money in their pockets. We were able to oppose the management`s initiative for significant changes in holiday and pl practices. As a result, there will be little change. They still have several quality and affordable health insurances. No change for Jackson First.

but the explosion in health costs has led to the need for nominal increases for some plans. However, the trading team was able to keep premium increases low and extend the high/standard HMO option for an additional year.